Mission Statement

As a Catholic School founded in 1743, St. Francis Academy is rooted in the teachings of Jesus Christ.  In the spirit of St. Francis, who was asked by God to rebuild His Church, we strive to prepare our students for a life of service to their community and to the world by building a strong foundation of faith, along with academic excellence.

Belief Statements

  • Our Catholic values should be evident in our teaching practices and in our dealings with others.

  • Daily prayer and weekly liturgies empower our children with a deeper faith and personal relationship with Christ.

  • Religious education emphasizes love for God and one another with respect for all God’s creation as St. Francis taught.

  • Our dedicated professional teachers encourage our students to grow and excel.

  • Our children learn best with appropriate curriculum practices beginning in pre-k and kindergarten.

  • Our children need to develop an awareness of how their actions affect themselves and others and take responsibility for their actions.

  • Technology and its responsible use are an important part of the educational process.

  • Active parental support promotes a shared success in education.


Profile of Graduates

Education at St. Francis Academy empowers each student with a strong foundation in their faith, knowledge, and call to service.


  • Has a strong faith based on their knowledge of the teachings of Jesus

  • Is aware of the presence of God in their lives, in others, and in the world

  • Has developed a personal relationship with Christ through prayer and the Sacraments


  • Is academically prepared to meet the challenges of high school

  • Exhibits good works habits and organizational skills needed to further their education

  • Possesses effective communication skills, both oral and written, and critical thinking skills


  • Is motivated by their faith for a life of service to their community

  • Appreciates their God-given gifts and recognizes the need to use these gifts for the good of others

  • Establishes themselves as responsible role-models who demonstrate Christian values in meeting the needs of others