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How Do I Know If The School Is Closed Or Dismisses Early????

Parents are asked to choose any of the following methods for the most up-to-date information:  *Option 1 will directly notify you by text, email and/or voice message*

1) Log on as a Parent to the website (this site is ONLY for checking your child’s grades). Our school code = 3008 

                                              Your Parent login and password was sent home to you in small white envelope. If you misplaced it, please call Mrs. Stull for your login 610-845-7364

                                              a) Click the “Office” tab and choose contact information      b)  Update and Save your information      c) Click on the Communication tab and choose Manage Alerts.

Here, you will choose how you wish to be notified about school closings, delays, general announcements etc.  Pick your preference from Text, Email or voice. You can choose one or all three if you wish.


2) Go to WFMZ, Channel 69 or on the web at To hear school closing and delay information

3) Go to our Saint Francis Academy Facebook page

If you reside in another school district, you must be aware of St. Francis Academy’s closing or delay schedule. For example, do not send your child to school if your district is operating on a one-hour delay and St. Francis has a two-hour delay. The school will not be open for any children arriving earlier than what has been announced as the school's official starting time. 

Special Pre-K Note: If there is a two hour delay, the Pre-K will still meet for anyone who chooses to attend.