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Dedicated to helping children realize their tremendous potential, Saint Francis Academy provides high-quality Catholic education in a nurturing, supportive environment. Academic instruction, sacramental preparation, and spiritual formation combine to give students in pre-kindergarten to grade eight a well-rounded foundation for a life of learning and growing in God's love


From the Principal

Dear Parents,

    Lent is now upon us. We actually prepared for this time of penance by burning ashes on Tuesday and then treated everyone to a doughnut and "Fat Tuesday" necklace.

     It is important to ask your children what they would like to "give up" or "do extra" during this holy season. Let them know about your own sacrifices as well. We all attended Mass on  Ash Wednesday,  followed by Stations of the Cross on Friday for our 3-8th grades. If possible, try to join us for our next Stations of the Cross on Friday, March 9th.  

Deacon Thomas Murphy

The Importance of Sunday Mass

Our Duty and Privilege 

Sunday Mass? Why is it so Important?
Since the Last Supper, Jesus instructed His apostles to “Do this in remembrance of Me”. The third commandment tells us to keep holy the Lord’s Day. The Mass is an intimate encounter with our risen Lord. In one of our Lady’s apparitions she stated that if we knew the graces that we receive from attending Holy Mass, “we would weep for joy”! How can we better understand the weekly readings?

Please click on the link above for an explanation for all age groups! Then click on the “Sunday Connection” button on the left for the Sunday Readings and explanations.

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FACTS Tuition & Financial Aid


All parents must "create an account" for Financial Aid and Tuition payments for school year 2018-19. After you create an account, BE SURE TO CONTINUE to the right for financial aid and tuition payment schedules. Please call the school office for any questions. 610-845-7364