A Message from the Principal


A Message from the Principal: Safe2 Say Something

On Monday February 11, St. Francis Academy will conduct a student training exercise in conjunction with the implementation of the Act 44 of 2018.
This training will be conducted by Mrs. Houk for grades 5 & 6, and by Mr.
Kramer for grades 7 & 8. Mr. Repko, Mrs. Stull, and Mrs. Graczyk will also
be assisting with the training session.

The students will be learning how to submit an anonymous tip via a computer platform, or by phone app, in the event of a student or school safety
concern. Students will be learning about the types of actions, behaviors,
or incidents which should result in the submission of a tip.

After the training session has occurred, Parent Resources will be made
available via Option C alerts and emails. Parents should stay tuned to review these materials so that they can assist, support, or answer questions
that their children or they encounter.


Mr. Repko


Protecting God's Children

  I want to alert potential volunteers about an opportunity to complete training for Protecting God's Children. The workshop will be held on January 23, 2019 at Father Schneider Hall. The program starts at 5:00 pm.  Parents are still required to obtain, FBI, PA Criminal Record Check, and Child Abuse Clearances. For a complete list of requirements, please follow the link:





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FACTS Tuition & Financial Aid


All parents must "create an account" for Financial Aid and Tuition payments for school year 2018-19. After you create an account, BE SURE TO CONTINUE to the right for financial aid and tuition payment schedules. Please call the school office for any questions. 610-845-7364